Webinar 3: Decolonising Psychiatry

Date:  26th October 2023

Time:  7:30 PM (Mumbai) | 5 PM (Kampala) | 7 AM (Los Angeles) | 10 AM (New York) | 4 PM (Berlin)

Coordinator: Roberto Beneduce.

A webinar session presented by the Reimagining Psychiatry Network.

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  • Omar Bravo: Addressing social and individual suffering and fostering community support in Colombia.
  • Samah Jabr: Decolonizing psychiatry in Palestine.
  • Helena Hansen: Addressing structural competence, racism, and well-being in the United States.
  • Roberto Beneduce: Reflect on “Epistemologies of ignorance” and epistemic racism, especially in the context of migrants and asylum seekers, drawing from Fanon’s legacy.

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